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What is Etorfin?

Etorfin (also known as M99, etorphine, etorfine, etorphin or Large Animal Immobilon), in the case of accidental etorfin exposure medical assistance should be sought.If no Narcan is available, in an extreme emergency situation, it has been suggested that 0.1ml diprenorphine (also known as diprenorphin, diprenorfin, M5050 or Large animal Revivon) is injected preferably intravenously or alternatively intramuscularly, but if the actual quantity of etorphine injected or absorbed is known inject an equal quantity of diprenorfine.Once emergency measures have been undertaken, expert medical attention should be summoned immediately. Pending the transfer of the patient to medical care the supportive treatment to maintain the respiration and heartbeat should be continued as required. Respiratory arrest beyond 4 minutes may cause irreversible brain damage. Emergency Pack. This must be carried by all users. It should contain explicit instructions as well as: 1. Tourniquet. 2. 2ml plastic sterile syringes with 1" x 21g Needles. 3. At least 6 ampoules of NARCAN (Naloxone)

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